Two additional apps have been added to Zoho One, making a total of apps in the suite to 40. Other recent additions include Zoho Sprints, Sign, and Notebook, and these new apps—Zoho Flow and PageSense—join them. These five newest additions provide the Zoho One suite with an astounding variety of new capabilities at no extra cost.

First, a word about value.

When you pay for an online service, you’ll notice that extra updates become available. It’s possible that some or all of the apps will be replaced, or possibly completely redesigned. The recent revamp of Zoho Sites and Zoho Campaigns, for example, are examples of such promotions that may be seen on the Zoho Blog.

It’s not very often, however, that you come across a post that lists five apps. Five apps that are now included in your current Zoho One subscription at no additional cost that you can use to better your business and distribute to your employees. When do you have a chance to view more like this? Have you really tried it?

Integrate Your Apps with Zoho Flow

Zoho Flow is a framework that helps you to link apps to organize operations and improve workflow efficiency. Flow now interfaces with over 100 apps, offering you more options when it comes to linking Zoho One apps. Whether you utilise Zoho apps or not, Flow can be used to link third-party apps.

It’s easy to create a unique integration or flow, and it doesn’t require any programming. Simply choose a trigger, such as when a new lead is introduced to your CRM or helpdesk, and then insert an action, such as posting in a chat channel or establishing a new task in a project management tool. You may also use the gallery to install pre-built flows.

The ability to view your integrations and processes is a particularly appealing feature of Zoho Flow. It’s easier to build and adjust existing processes when you can visualise them. This is especially useful if you need to comprehend or change a flow designed by someone else, or if you’re working with a coworker or team.

Improve your website conversions using Zoho PageSense.

Each firm must have a website as part of its marketing strategy. Of course, a website’s effectiveness depends on its ability to turn users into consumers. To do so, Zoho PageSense can help you optimise your website. Using PageSense, you can use A/B tests, heatmaps, funnel analysis, and more to view, test, and evaluate visitor behaviour trends.

This software seems like a strong new marketing tool, and it is. But it’s the ease with which PageSense may be used that makes it so appealing. Begin by including a PageSense code snippet on your website. Then, using the tools at your disposal, examine the behaviour of your visitors. Let’s imagine you want to use the heatmap to see how many people are clicking on your main call to action. Perhaps you believe your title could be more productive, so you decide to conduct an A/B test to see if you can improve it. An A/B test allows you to randomly show two different versions of your website to users and analyse the outcomes.

PageSense comes pre-integrated with Zoho Sites, our newly redesigned webpage designer, as well as a multitude of third-party services like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords, Kissmetrics, and others.

Project Management for Agile Teams using Zoho Sprints

Teams operate in a variety of ways. The “Agile Manifesto” lays forth one style of working, which prioritises people and interactions over processes and systems. Nevertheless, today’s cumbersome, sophisticated software for managing agile projects lack the speed and transparency espoused by the declaration.

Agile project management has last become fast, easy, and clutter-free thanks to Zoho Sprints. Zoho Sprints empowers teams of all sizes to iterate and incrementally create potentially releasable solutions over short periods of time. Sprints are a scrum-based project management solution that integrates backlogs, agile reporting, collaboration features, and customisable scrum boards, making it perfect for software developers and other agile teams.

Sign digital documents with Zoho Sign.

The requirement to engage with and sign digital documents is growing as more firms move away from paper-based systems. That’s why Zoho Sign, a web and mobile app that allows organizations to sign and communicate lawful contracts from everywhere with a simple authentication phase, was created.

Other Zoho services, like Zoho CRM and Zoho Writer, link with Zoho Sign, allowing you to complete approvals and agreements. You may even sign papers while on the road by importing them from third-party apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive

Take Notes on Multiple Devices Using a Notebook

Last but not least, there’s Notebook, which is the only consumer-facing software in the lot. Across devices, our remarkable note-taking software provides you with an elegant, intelligent area to recall what matters. It has only recently been made available on the internet.

Notebook makes use of the notecard idea to organize various types of notes in various ways. You may take text notes, make checkboxes, and files and photographs using Notebook for Web. With the Notebook Web Clipper (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), you may even save anything from the web to Notebook; we’ll automatically arrange data saved to Notebook into separate note cards. The notebook provides an engaging point of clarification experience with a variety of customization possibilities, such as adding unique notebook covers and custom note colours.


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