What exactly is Woo Express?

Woo Express is the quickest way to get a WooCommerce store up and running. When you sign up with Woo Express, you get WooCommerce with built-in hosting and a collection of must-have extensions to get your store up and running. 

Based on your requirements, there are two Woo Express choices.

We’ll dig into the details below, but the first thing to know is that Woo Express is a subscription option for WooCommerce that allows you to start working on your store immediately, comes bundled with a set of essential extensions, and is powered by WordPress.com. 

There are two types of Woo Express subscriptions available right now: Essential and Performance. The Essential plan is $39 per month (or $25 per month when invoiced annually) and includes everything you need to get started with a store and 50GB of storage for product photos and media. The Performance plan costs $70 per month (or $45 per month if paid annually) and includes everything in the Essential plan, advanced capabilities, and 200GB of storage.

The best of both open source and SaaS

Woo launched this product because it provides the best combination of what is generally an A or B choice: SaaS or standalone open source. SaaS solutions include subscription websites such as Shopify or Wix. Open-source alternatives, such as WordPress with WooCommerce, are free to use and yours to keep. 

Woo Express is primarily open source, but it can be handled as a SaaS solution, which means you may manage your website as a subscription directly through WooCommerce. 

The Advantages of Open-Source Software

Open-source software outperforms SaaS in terms of freedom, portability, and security. Basic access to the tools at WooCommerce, WordPress, or Automattic is not subject to our permission or oversight: you are free to construct (nearly) any business or service you wish. Here are the exceptions for highly regulated products.

This also means that businesses can create portable backups and migrate their website to a new hosting provider if they no longer want to use WordPress.com hosting. The site itself remains unchanged, reducing the inconvenience that relocation can cause.

Because the source code is released in the open, anyone can access, examine, enhance, and modify it, open-source software is safer. Because there are so many eyes on the software, flaws are detected and addressed considerably more quickly than in other types of software. We are also held to a higher standard of coding because vulnerabilities can be discovered sooner in open code.

What makes Woo Express unique?

WooCommerce Express is a version of WooCommerce that comes with the most important and helpful features installed and pre-configured, and it runs on the cloud architecture of WordPress.com, so you don’t need to acquire a third-party hosting plan as you would with WooCommerce or WordPress.org. Woo Express is hosted on WordPress.com and includes domain name registration as well.

WooCommerce is free, so why is WooExpress a subscription?

Woo Express uses the same technology as WooCommerce but also includes hosting. To use the WooCommerce plugin on a normal website, you’d need to get hosting from a third-party provider like Bluehost. That hosting is provided by us with Woo Express and is the basis for the membership fee.

However, Woo Express remains yours – you can utilise your site backup to migrate to a different hosting provider at any time, which is difficult to accomplish with SaaS choices like Shopify or Wix. 

The Advantages of WordPress Hosting

We appreciate all of our hosting providers since they enable us to power 43% of the internet! Switching between a hosting provider’s website and your WordPress admin might be difficult and daunting for those of us who are less tech-savvy. That back-and-forth is eliminated with Woo Express: everything is managed from your WordPress admin account. 

Because it contains a Jetpack scan, Woo Express with WordPress hosting also provides optimal security protections. Jetpack is a sibling company to Woo and WordPress, and it also operates on WordPress.com. This means that security software upgrades are made automatically and as rapidly as possible. 

Ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises

Woo Express is ideal for both new enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses wishing to transition to a more flexible platform.

Woo Express is simple to set up and adaptable. While it comes with a set of tools, you may add extensions — from the Woo Marketplace, third-party developers, or designed from the ground up — at any time to enhance the capability of your store. 

More importantly, we designed Woo Express to be simple to install. If you require assistance, our customer care team is here to assist you. If you require assistance with moving a high-volume store, please contact our team to learn how we can assist.

Woo Express can help you grow your business.

Woo Express is an excellent choice for scaling into a high-volume store because it is completely customizable, from features and functionality to hosting, security, and support. There are numerous learning and development options accessible as you progress, including community forums, WordPress-focused blogs, Woo Experts, and Woo support. Our third-party plugins and extensions also provide assistance for their goods.

Excellent for putting Woo to the test with clients.

If you construct WordPress and WooCommerce sites, you can use the 14-day free trial of Woo Express to give your clients a taste of WooCommerce without committing time to original development. You can rapidly set up a store, complete with important e-commerce features, for free and let your customers experiment with WordPress and WooCommerce. 

What does Woo Express include?

Woo Express includes a handpicked collection of extensions created by WooCommerce and a few of our important partners. All of these extensions are designed to work in tandem and are routinely updated. Woo Express automatically updates your plugins and extensions, so you don’t have to bother about maintaining and manually upgrading them. 

Priority assistance

Woo Express users and Woo users who have purchased an extension will receive priority support. Your inquiries and problems will be addressed first in our support queue, and you can contact a live person via chat or email if you require assistance.

Themes for premium blocks

With WordPress’s new Site Editor, you can design a gorgeous store without touching any code. New stores in Woo Express on WordPress.com come with the Tsubaki theme — a new block theme created for WooCommerce. There are four alternative block themes to pick from, each with a different style to find what works best for you. 

Features and functionality of Woo Express

Woo Express comes with a plethora of features that will assist you in setting up your products, shipping, taxes, emails, analytics, and staff accounts, to name a few. You can do the following with Woo Express:

  • Without coding, you may fine-tune the style of your website.
  • Create as many items and services as you like.
  • Provide alternatives for flat-rate, local pickup, free shipping, and live-rate delivery.
  • Message your consumers automatically for abandoned carts, birthdays, and other events.
  • Customise your shopping basket and checkout process.
  • Sell on the most widely used social media networks.

Woo Express subscription includes extensions

The bundle of extensions supplied with your Woo Express subscription is one of the most significant differences between WooCommerce and Woo Express. Extensions are add-on features that may be purchased separately and installed on your WooCommerce website. Woo Express comes with the following extensions:

  • Product Enhancements and Product Bundles
  • Product Recommendations Subscriptions (Included in the United States when used with WooCommerce Payments)
  • WooCommerce and Google Listings and Ads Google Analytic

Increasing the capabilities of your Woo Express store

Paid plan users have access to all extensions in the Woo Marketplace, as well as the ability to install any other WooCommerce-compatible extensions or WordPress plugins from outside the Marketplace.

Woo Express is offered where?

Woo Express is widely available. WordPress.com is an option. 

Launch your Woo Express store right now.

Yes, it’s that fast. You may create a Woo Express account and begin constructing your business right now. 


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