Businesses work with several international clients, and it might be difficult to collect payments in those clients’ preferred currencies. With our updated Advanced Multi-currency Handling, this is now simple.

The corporate world is becoming more globally integrated, which has created several chances for organisations to collaborate and develop. Making payments in many currencies or receiving them might be difficult when conducting business internationally. With this new multi-currency option, Zoho Books has solved this issue and made conducting business internationally simpler.

The advantages of advanced multi-currency handling for your company are as follows:

  • Organise currency transactions

It is now straightforward to receive payments from your foreign clientele. You can do this using their chosen money or any other non-base currency. With the help of this functionality, you may create transactions for your clients and suppliers in many currencies regardless of where they are.

  • Recording transactions in several currencies for a contact

Creating several customers or suppliers to accept or make payments in various currencies may take some time, however, Advanced Multi-currency Handling will help you save a lot of time. By enabling, you can record transactions in various currencies under a certain customer or vendor.

  • Exchange rates were automatically applied.

Exchange rates are now not a concern for you. When new transactions are created in Zoho Books, the exchange rates for the specified foreign currency are automatically fetched. These exchange rates are provided by Open Exchange Rates, a third-party service provider, and are calculated against the base currency of your company.

  • Getting a summary of a statement

Get a list of all currencies that have unpaid receivables and unused credits associated with transactions involving a contact. Additionally, you may see a comprehensive statement that includes a breakdown of every currency used in a contact’s transaction.

  • Reports for greater exposure

Obtain thorough details of each contact’s related transactions. Under each contact, you can see the currencies that were exchanged and get an idea of the total costs.

This feature is for you if you believe it will aid in the management of your company’s transactions.


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