Health services with augmented analytics

The healthcare sector is changing thanks to augmented analytics, which offers sophisticated data analytics capabilities that enable healthcare organisations to extract insightful information from massive data sets. This is the way that augmented analytics is changing the medical field. Improved Patient Care: By enabling healthcare providers to analyse patient data

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Presenting Advanced Multi-currency Handling

Businesses work with several international clients, and it might be difficult to collect payments in those clients’ preferred currencies. With our updated Advanced Multi-currency Handling, this is now simple. The corporate world is becoming more globally integrated, which has created several chances for organisations to collaborate and develop. Making payments

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Zoho SalesIQ and Salesforce CRM: Improving sales performance

Zoho SalesIQ and Salesforce CRM: Improving sales performance With the aid of CRM software, sales teams can easily track and nurture prospects as they move through the sales funnel, which increases conversion rates. Additionally, it aids in keeping track of customers’ interactions with the company, assisting onboarding teams, account managers,

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How to Go Global: Build Your Online Store for Success

It’s simple to forget what made the online world such a potent commercial tool amid all the trends, evolutions, and reinventions of the internet and e-commerce: access, connection, and reach. Every customer on the earth can enter your store if you have an e-commerce site. Expand your brand Selling internationally

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Headless Commerce: What Is It?

One of the e-commerce trends that is growing the quickest is headless commerce. The headless architecture’s strongest proponents point to a number of benefits for doing so, including noticeably better site performance and an unmatched ability to make changes instantly. Going headless appears to be a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Brands

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BI platforms’ use of data storytelling to humanise insight delivery

Today, BI and analytics go beyond figure crunching to give business insights, including every facet of an analytics user’s experience. Users now seek more consumerised experiences when interacting with data and insights in this environment. The emergence of creative communication fueled by data storytelling results from this. This blog post

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