In present times, you need to manage your sales team remotely. Now communicate with your sales team and manage their work from anywhere through Zoho remote sales tools.

In any business, IT infrastructure should be flexible and strong to collaborate with the sales team globally. Provide your team freedom to work remotely and collaborate with them in flexible time. Zoho introduced a new toolkit i.e. Zoho CRM’s remote sales office. It includes Zoho Cliq, Zoho Meeting, Zoho show time integration, and much more. This package helps your sales teams and provides the freedom to do work. Communicate easily with your team and a particular person. Evaluate your sales and provide a new target for your team. Remote sales toolkit provides all the freedom to work worldwide. It is a new future of sales teams and a workflow analysis.

  • Manage online meetings and webinars by using Zoho meetings. Make video calls, virtual meetings, and remote presentations with Zoho meetings. 
  • Zoho Cliq helps to manage your corporate communication. Do group conferencing and individual chat with your entire team and particular person.
  • Create and deliver sales presentations to your leads and contacts. Provide training programs for new customers and new team members with real-time training sessions.
Zoho Consulting partners

Zoho Consulting partners

Remote Sales Office is free for the next three months, up to August 31st, 2020.

It is easy to install and integrate with Zoho CRM. If you still have difficulties then talk to an expert or hire any Zoho consulting partners.

Due to the Covid-19, Zoho team is providing this toolkit free for the next three months. It is a good time to use the Zoho sales toolkit. You can analyze your sales and teamwork. Also, provide us your feedback regarding Zoho CRM and Zoho Remote sales toolkit.

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