Lifecycle marketing must be your main priority if you want to run a profitable marketing organisation. Since keeping customers coming back is ultimately what keeps the doors open, developing and managing client relationships is essential to the success of your company.

For those who are new, lifecycle marketing is the phrase used by marketers to describe the techniques used by firms to draw in, convert, retain, and leverage their client base. All of this contributes to the ultimate objective of any firm, which is to raise sales and raise recognition of the brand.

How can you ensure that your lifecycle marketing strategies are optimised? We have a few concepts.

  • Give your leads more information

For your conversion efforts to be successful, you must have a solid grasp of who your leads are (and where they came from). Meet Zoho Zia, a clever tool. 

Zoho Zia is an artificial intelligence (AI) sales assistant that continuously gathers and organises your data so that you can automatically enrich a lead’s information as a customer enters your marketing funnel. This implies that the system will automatically gather any further data you may have about the lead as well as any publically available information, allowing you to move on with the most appropriate and effective marketing plan. 

The features that data enrichment can provide as important information include things like:

  • Age: By determining the ages of your clients, you may better adapt your message to suit their needs.
  • Selling a marketing product is my job? Knowing whether you are selling to a marketer or not is probably a smart idea. 
  • The name of the organisation, its size, its location, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

Overall, by enhancing your data with information that is both publicly available and that your business has already collected on a particular customer, you can optimise your marketing funnel and adjust it to each customer’s demands, which will boost your results.

  • During onboarding, tell a Story.

One of the finest methods to improve your lifecycle marketing is through storytelling. Although this information is not entirely new, it feels very timely right now. 

People aren’t merely interested in purchasing your goods because it works. They want to purchase it because it will accomplish a bigger good, because they spent years perfecting the formula, or because they were motivated to make it by a particular experience. Particularly for consumer enterprises and emotionally charged goods, this is true.  

According to studies, up to 95% of consumer purchases include an emotional component. You must therefore present your tale in the most emotionally astute manner possible if you want people to buy your product. Naturally, narrating a tale during onboarding may not be the best line of action for a customer of enterprise cloud computing services. However, if the type of business you’re promoting includes an emotional component to the buying decision, it is one of your touchpoints. 

  • Use webinars to engage viewers, especially for expensive ticket sales

Webinars are a powerful marketing tool you may not have known about. Webinars are the ideal online medium for presenting to customers since they allow for a highly personalised method of interacting with warm leads. That’s correct; if they attended your webinar, you can infer that they were somewhat interested in your offering. Which, of course, will result in increased conversion rates.

When you are selling a high-ticket (read: expensive) product, webinars are very helpful. When something is worth investing in, people want to do so. Because webinars assist create the “know, like, and trust” element extremely rapidly, you can skip ahead to the stage where a customer decides to invest. 

When you are selling a high-ticket product, webinars are very helpful. When something is worth investing in, people want to do so. Because webinars assist create the “know, like, and trust” element extremely rapidly, you can skip ahead to the stage where a customer decides to invest. 

Your customer will learn more about your brand and product by viewing your webinar, and they will enjoy what you are selling and ultimately trust you to deliver high-quality services. Your sales will definitely grow and your conversions will rise as a result of this high-touch interaction, which will ultimately result in a more efficient lifecycle marketing funnel.

  • Modify Your Communication Style, SMS

Consider your various marketing channels for a moment. How many different methods do you regularly interact with your customers? Or even from week to week or from month to month?

You probably aren’t using all of the channels at your disposal to their maximum potential. For instance, SMS text-message marketing is one of the most underutilised marketing mediums. A great technique to communicate with your customer is by sending them a marketing message by text. In fact, research indicates that up to 98% of SMS messages are opened. Email, in contrast, only has a 20% average open rate. This implies that SMS texting is a tremendous opportunity to provide your leads and customers with a clear CTA and message.

  • Design customer lifecycle journeys that result in miracles

miracles occur. You are aware of the “aha” moments we’re referring to. that golden moment when a customer feels appreciated. Like they are a part of something more for you than just a sale.

It’s challenging to create these moments, particularly in the crowded marketing environment in which we currently reside. But that does not imply that it cannot be done. Knowing your customers is the best approach to producing these moments. 

Knowing everything there is to know about your client will enable you to tailor an experience just for them, which will ultimately aid in developing trust.

What’s the best way for you and your marketing team to do this? There are no surprises here, but it includes having a killer CRM like Zoho CRM in your toolkit. A customer relationship manager is Zoho CRM. When it comes to ensuring that you are producing those miraculous moments for your users, it is the tool of all tools. Why is this: The CRM analyses your customers’ behaviour and backgrounds automatically so you can understand exactly what makes them tick. It can assist you in locating the key decision-making opportunity or the major pain point in your funnel. This will, of course, provide you with the opportunity to impress them with a miracle and to establish enduring bonds based on trust with your clients.

Creating miracles frequently calls for originality. Don’t be afraid to use more creative activations, such as amusing video greets, handwritten notes at scale, or clever direct mail pieces during onboarding. 

You will be able to improve your effectiveness, efficiency, and all-around lifecycle marketing skills by utilising all of these strategies.


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