Zoho introduced TransMail, a Zoho transactional email solution. They assisted companies worldwide in maintaining contact with their clients during the pandemic. Transactional emails helped businesses in informing customers of critical information. They gained more users, received a tonne of helpful input, and have since been working to develop features that will improve the platform for you.

They made the decision to begin this next stage of growth with a new name that They feel captures the essence of our product as they evolved from an internal service utilised mostly by other Zoho products to a rising contender in the transactional email industry. Understand us; we adored the name TransMail! However, they wished to choose an item that was less arid.

That’s how they came to choose ZeptoMail as the new name.

For those of you who don’t know, the tiniest unit of time ever recorded by science is called a zeptosecond. It refers to.00000000000000000001 seconds or a trillionth of a billionth of a second. It’s the closest science has come to quantifying an instantaneous event.

They are committed to delivering your transactional emails as rapidly as available technology will allow, even though zeptosecond delivery speeds are currently scientifically impossible (at least!). The key to their service is making sure that your transactional emails are delivered reliably and that they reach the recipient’s inbox as soon as possible. This new name represents their dedication to offering each and every one of our users an amazing email service.

What makes ZeptoMail unique?

Nothing. The only change to the service is its name. Users who are already using their services won’t experience any delays in delivery and won’t need to alter their setups. Only brand-new setups will use the new name. They will update their website and the product interface to reflect the new name, ZeptoMail. The service’s cost, your use of it, and the features you’ve been enjoying will not change.

You can contact them by email at support@zeptomail.com or through their discussion forum.

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