Your standard WordPress website can become a complete content management system by using custom post types. Additionally, custom post types will give you the chance to add some originality to your website and make it stand out from the competition.

How do you create custom post kinds and what are they?

Start by talking about posts and pages. They are the two content formats that WordPress users most frequently employ.

So, a custom post type is a form of material that you may design and personalise on your own.

  • A musician might require a page for their music playlists or albums, for instance. For that, custom post kinds are ideal.
  • On the other hand, a restaurant website might require a menu showcase page. Custom post types once more. Numerous scenarios are available…

There are two primary methods for developing unique post types:

Plugins or coding are also viable options.

Good for you if you are a developer and know how to add your custom posts manually! But if you’re not that interested in technical matters, it won’t be a problem. There are numerous WordPress plugins that can help you with this.

Without further ado, let’s examine the best 5 WordPress custom post types plugins:

Best WordPress plugins for custom post kinds

  1. UI for Custom Post Type

Custom Post Type UI, one of the most well-liked plugins for custom posts and taxonomies in the official plugin directory, offers a number of fantastic options and features for nothing.

Utilizing this plugin is quite simple. You are given a beautiful dashboard to work with after installation, where all of the plugin’s functions and choices are readily available.

You can update the post types you currently have on your site as well as create new post types and their respective taxonomies with the plugin.

The ability to import a custom post from another website is another great feature of this plugin. Additionally, exporting yours is a choice.

The plugin’s only drawback is that your current theme’s registered post types and taxonomies will not be displayed using this plugin. Only you will be registered for them.

  1. Creator of WCK Custom Fields and Post Types

A simple-to-use, free WordPress plugin with a user-friendly interface. It’s convenient that you can subscribe to the premium version if you require additional custom post-type features.

It is simple to add a new post type. Click on Post Type Creator under WCK in the dashboard menu. Only a few settings are required there for your own content to be ready. A new entry you create will show up as a distinct menu item in your dashboard where you can further edit it.

You may also construct custom taxonomies, fields, and meta boxes with the WCK plugin’s free version, which you can then elegantly link with the custom post types.

  1. Pods

Another simple-to-use free plugin for fields, taxonomy, and custom post types is Pods.

Due to its unique user interface and the entire procedure you go through while utilising the plugin, it stands out. Instead of a dashboard-like environment, the experience is more like a wizard.

Pods use something called “pods” (surprise, surprise) to organise all the custom post types and taxonomies you build with the plugin.

Additionally, you may construct sophisticated content types using the plugin, which doesn’t use the database’s normal WordPress tables but instead generate new ones. The already-existing content kinds, taxonomies, media, users, and even comments can all be expanded.

  1. Types of Toolset

This is the more expensive alternative to the earlier choices. You will also receive front-end posting, a feature that will make it simple for you to present unique content on the front end, in addition to quick assistance. To make your custom post types appear appealing to your visitors, you can create themes, lists, and archives.

Built-in input validation is another functionality offered by Toolset. If a field is filled out incorrectly or incompletely, a warning will be displayed. Without fully completing the answer, people will not be allowed to proceed.

Additionally, you can create recurring field groups and link whatever post kinds you desire.

  1. A Post Type Maker Custom

Compared to the other plugins on this list, this one is a lot simpler. However, it does offer you every essential custom post type feature you’d require in the majority of circumstances. Post Types and Taxonomies are the plugin’s two primary sections.

You don’t need any coding knowledge to use this plugin, and it has a user-friendly interface that makes everything accessible. Additionally, it will display all the additional custom post kinds that you have already registered on your website (even the ones not created via this plugin).

Overall, it’s a simple and effective answer to the problem at hand.


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