As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we hope you are safe with your family. Protect yourself and your family from this virus. There are many industries affected by the virus but it doesn’t mean recruitment has completely stopped. There are lots of companies that require remote work. To find skillful candidates during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we need to switch to remote hiring. There are lots of candidates who are searching for work from home. Here are some guidelines regarding remote hiring platform:


Build a strong brand online

A strong online presence builds trust in employers and also makes the company reputation strong. Having a good employer reputation helps you to get experienced employees. Showing your past growth and current employee reviews help to make a good impression. Your online presence tells people about your company’s success and people’s trust in your company. Your reputation shows people’s dream and they wish to work with you. To get that position, create a powerful career page and also make an attractive social channel that will explain your office activities. 

Explain online interview platform

Digitizing the recruitment process helps employees to prepare themselves and give them time to arrange all the necessary things during the interview. Video interviewing platforms are one of the best platforms to take interviews. It helps to know more about the employee’s skills and expertise. Online platforms save your time, paperwork, and traveling expenses also. 

Find talent for your company

Select an effective platform for the job opening. Reach to the right people who are searching for the job. Always stay updated and reply to all candidates’ applications. This will show your proficiency and respect for others’ time. There are lots of platforms where people update their queries regarding jobs. 


My company unites all the teams in one place. Zoho apps help a lot to manage the whole team in different areas and also helps to count the working hours of the employee. With Zoho CRM, it is very easy to assign the task and take feedback from the clients in real-time. There are lots of Zoho authorized partners who help to develop and integrate Zoho CRM for every business. 

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