Most businesses function on a multitude of programmes, and the ability for these applications to communicate with one another is critical for productivity and efficiency. Work might become burdensome if tools are stiff and do not communicate with one another.

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular extensions from the previous year. We’ll start with the extensions that have been utilised the most (i.e., the most-installed) to integrate your favourite tools with Zoho. Continue reading to learn the top Four.

1. Zoho CRM and WhatsApp Web

From Zoho CRM, you can send and receive WhatsApp messages.

Why did users like it?

Send WhatsApp messages directly from Zoho CRM’s Contacts, Leads, Accounts, and Deals modules. Create WhatsApp message templates with placeholders for module fields so that values are automatically filled in. You can see the history of WhatsApp messages you’ve sent from CRM. Before sending a WhatsApp message from the CRM module, you can choose the sort of WhatsApp number a user has. Compose massive WhatsApp messages with attachments, and use Zoho CRM workflows to automate WhatsApp communications. Within WhatsApp Web, you can retrieve user information from Zoho CRM.

 Key Features

  • Send and receive WhatsApp messages to Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, and Custom Modules.
  • Sending a bulk WhatsApp message with files is a great way to save time. 
  • Using Zoho CRM processes, you can automate WhatsApp messages.
  • With the WhatsApp History custom module, you can keep track of all your WhatsApp messages.

2. For Zoho CRM, SMS-Magic

Use omnichannel messaging to better reach your customers by allowing them to contact you on their preferred channel.

Why did users like?

  • Allows consumers to communicate with you via WhatsApp or SMS. Users can send mass messages with images, videos, or PDF files to the customers they’re communicating with.
  • Message delivery, consent, and engagement can all be tracked and managed.

Key Features

  • Customers should be able to interact with you wherever they are.
  • Help your users with their favourite messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, and Zoho SMS integration. For a 360-degree perspective of interactions, keep everything in one inbox.
  • Manage consent across several channels.
  • Put your concerns about compliance issues to rest. Use SMS-in-built Magic’s consent management method to adhere to TCPA, GDPR, CCPA, and CASL customer message rules across WhatsApp and SMS.
  • Workers should be encouraged to serve consumers right away.

 Using the SMS-Magic mobile app, empower your sales and support employees to communicate with clients on the go. App Store and Google Play Store versions are now accessible.

3. For the Zoho Show, Giphy

Zoho Show is a web-based presentation tool that allows you to create, collaborate on, and share presentations from any device, at any time.

You may use Giphy’s Show integration to integrate gifs and stickers right into presentations without having to switch apps. You can also utilise them in Show’s smart chat for team talks.

Key Features

  • Giphy’s library of gifs and stickers may be instantly inserted into your slides.
  • Bring your ideas to life and express complex concepts with ease.
  • Use gifs inside your collaborative talks to liven them up. The clever conversation on the show

4. Shopify integrates with Zoho CRM

Shopify is a web-based e-commerce tool for creating online storefronts. You can quickly synchronise data on customers, sales, and product details between your Shopify store and Zoho CRM with the Shopify extension for Zoho CRM. Customers from Shopify may be added as contacts in your Zoho CRM, allowing you to keep track of their purchases and expenses.

Why did users like it?

  • To keep track of their purchases and expenses, they can add Shopify customers as contacts in Zoho CRM.
  • Makes it simple to access Shopify client records in Zoho CRM.

Key features

  • Sync your Shopify customers with Zoho CRM contacts or leads automatically.
  • From Zoho CRM, you can manage Shopify client records.
  • You can specify the method of sync when two-way sync is enabled.
  • On a single dashboard, you can see all sync data.


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