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Zoho CRM GoDial

GoDial for Zoho CRM is an extension for automatic dialling that seamlessly connects with Zoho CRM, allowing businesses to communicate with their leads in an effective and efficient manner. Utilise your phone to dial, manage, and follow up with information to boost productivity and revenue prospects.

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Business requirements

Companies must get in touch with their leads as soon as possible in the hectic, competitive commercial world. Managing and dialling leads manually, which may be time-consuming and error-prone, is a significant problem that firms encounter. Effective lead management and prompt dialling can boost interaction and boost revenues.


GoDial for Zoho CRM automates the lead dialling process, lowering manual labour requirements and boosting productivity. This is how:

  • Zoho CRM leads may be dialled quickly and effectively using GoDial’s autodialer software.
  • It does away with the laborious task of manually inputting data and providing feedback.
  • All lead information and follow-up dates are easily available with GoDial’s mobile CRM, eliminating the need for several tabs and hardware.
  • The system offers remote work, enabling users to utilise their phones to work from any location.
  • Reminders and tasks guarantee prompt follow-up, increasing sales opportunities.


  • Efficiency and output: GoDial saves you time and boosts output by automating the dialling procedure. Less manual error means more precise dialling and connections.
  • Sales opportunities and lead engagement: GoDial makes sure you connect with your leads immediately, boosting opportunities for both. A timely follow-up ensures that no leads are overlooked, increasing sales prospects.
  • Working remotely is possible with GoDial, which offers freedom and encourages productivity.


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