Sensitive information is shared across digital networks at a constantly increasing rate, ranging from private chats and login credentials to crucial corporate information. The implementation of robust security measures is essential if we are to protect this information against cyberattacks and data breaches. Because hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, people and organisations need to stay one step ahead of the game.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of security in the modern world and the extensive protections that a unified communication platform like Zoho Cliq provides.

Compliance with industry-standard data privacy measures  

  1. For any software, data security and compliance with industry standards are essential. Zoho Cliq rigorously complies with data protection requirements like the GDPR to guarantee that user data is handled securely and in accordance with privacy regulations. Other compliance memberships and certifications held by Cliq include those for HIPPA, SOC 2, and ISO/IEC 27001. These safeguards guarantee users the security of their information.
  2.  Unauthorised access to user accounts is prevented via multi-factor authentication (MFA). By requiring a password, fingerprint, or mobile phone, it offers an extra degree of security. Even if passwords are stolen, the possibility of unauthorised users accessing user accounts is decreased by turning on MFA.
  3. Secure communication channels provide defence against a variety of attacks, including malware, phishing, and other online threats. Throughout the transmission and when they are at rest, messages and data are kept private thanks to Zoho Cliq. By preventing unauthorised access, this data encryption technique ensures that only the intended audience may view the content. Since all customer messages are encrypted at rest, the Cliq team cannot view any of them.
  4. Private chats are only for situations at work where you need to discuss your pay or exchange some sensitive information. In these circumstances, you can disable chat history so that your messages aren’t saved when you close the chat window.

“Data security has always been a top priority for us, especially in light of the numerous online dangers that exist. Therefore, it gives us comfort to know that both our data and the data of our clients are completely protected and encrypted. — Natasha Ellard, managing director and co-owner of Urban Element 

Ability of admins 

Access management is essential for preserving security. We think that our consumers and we both share responsibilities for security and privacy. To protect the data of the company, Zoho Cliq offers a variety of admin controls.

access limitations In Zoho Cliq, administrators can define user roles and access permissions to guarantee that users have the right rights in accordance with their assignment. This granular control lessens the likelihood of unauthorised access to private data.

Take the admin and members of a financial team, for instance. Consider a scenario in which the team admin has created a channel and does not want the users to remove it or build a new team channel. Setting roles and managing permissions appropriately is helpful in these circumstances. The admin can reserve the ability to create or delete channels and disable access for members.  

Enterprise mobility management (EMM)

Integration of EMM aids in the management of all mobile applications and devices inside an organisation. As an administrator, you have control over mobile devices used by your company, such as tablets and smartphones. You can enforce application policies, limit downloads, and manage access to particular programmes. Aside from that, protect private information and material on mobile devices by encrypting them and limiting access to authorised individuals.

IP restrictions

Additionally, you may set the permitted IP addresses and prohibit users from using other IPs to access Cliq. You can prevent unauthorised access and lower the risk of data breaches by turning on IP restrictions

Dependable integrations

Integrating services and applications with the tool or programme you use is common practice. A large variety of native and third-party integrations are available in Cliq’s marketplace. Zoho Cliq places a strong emphasis on the security of these connections to encourage secure data flow between apps. This method ensures data security even when communicating with external systems.

If necessary, you can allow extensions to access your data when you integrate a new extension. You get control over which data the extension can access and which it cannot.

Continual improvements

Data privacy and security is our main goal with each new release of Cliq, especially with additional future AI features. User data is protected from new dangers by routine updates and improvements. When a new version of the Cliq app is launched, we also urge our users to upgrade it so that the most recent security updates, bug fixes, privacy improvements, and compatibility updates are reflected.

Security precautions 

Even with all of these security and privacy precautions, if a breach or data loss does happen, our first step is to make sure that our support staff acts right away by coordinating with the developers to halt the problem in its tracks. The team then sets to work identifying and resolving the root problem. To avoid similar incidents in the future, they also maintain a tight relationship with the client.

In conclusion 

As the digital world grows, it is more important than ever to protect communication and data. Therefore, as an administrator or the owner of any company, it is ultimately your obligation to select and implement unified communications and collaboration software that places the highest priority on security and privacy. With Zoho Cliq, sensitive data can be protected by a wide range of security features and protocols. 

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