When we think about resource planning, we might think of anything from people to machinery to supplies that lead to successful project execution.

However, we will be discussing human resources, such as your work team.

The capacity of a resource is directly proportionate to its management. And managing resource capacity within a company is really difficult.

Why is resource management such an important aspect of any business?

No one bothers to perform the arithmetic when it comes to resource forecasting; they will assign for X positions without taking into account existing workload or deadlines until you discover that it becomes complicated. You, as a resource/project manager, must combine new initiatives with operational tasks as things become more complex amid tight deadlines.

Assume a software development firm hires someone for 160 hours per month. Nonetheless, based on the forecasting scenario, we know that the recruited individual may be on vacation for numerous days/weeks per year. Apart from scheduled leave, they would also ask for sick days or emergency leave.

What can Odoo Resource Management App provide you?

The entire resource forecasting process is based on four major factors:

Total capacity: According to the contract, the number of hours available.

Operational Capacity: The number of hours available outside of non-allocation hours for administrative and operational activities.

Project Capacity: The remaining hours.

Remaining capacity: Contract hours minus expected vacation and non-working days.

Weekly Resource Management Planning

We developed the Odoo Resource Management App to accommodate two popular working models: hourly based contracts and full-time contracts.

  • To track the availability of X employees, a custom view displaying the weekly assigned hours and remaining hours is handled.
  • The resource availability can also be shown in percentage and graphical format. If the resource (employee) has already been assigned, the bar will show the availability in green (the rest stays white).
  •  If the remaining availability is 0 based on the percentage, a full red bar is displayed.
  • We’ve incorporated all public holidays, sick leaves, and casual leaves into the weekly availability.
  • The manager can approve or reject the resource allocation, which is displayed inline view. The user will be unable to amend the allocation hours if the allocation line is accepted. You can change the assigned hours if the user refuses the Allocation.
  • In the Odoo Resource Management module, a new menu item “Reporting” displays the Allocation Lines by employee and project.

Hours Not Allocatable

Everyone, whether they are trainees, juniors, or seniors, has operational tasks to accomplish. It might be weekly training sessions for trainees and weekly sync meetings for seniors.

As a result, the manager can select a time when the non-allocated hours for a certain employee are applicable. After that, you may fill out how many non-allocatable hours X employee should have per week.

Non-allocable hours can be managed.

by project: choose a specific project.

applicable to multi-company structures by company.

by department: relevant to a certain department, such as the technical department, which would be busy with weekly training sessions. As a result, X hours for the entire technical department would be non-allocable.

by employee tag/job position: based on work duties, for example, all team leaders would attend weekly project manager sync meetings. As a result, X hours would be unavailable to all Team Leaders.

These non-allocatable hours are taken into account in the final estimate of remaining resource availability in the Odoo Resource Management app.

Non-allocable time is represented as hours per week or a percentage of available time.

Allocation of Resources Warning

The manager will not be able to proceed if X employee has already been assigned to more than 80% of the work, according to the app flow. Instead, the manager might select an employee with similar skill sets from a list of candidates.

Because the schedule of your project is determined by the availability of human resources, it is critical to have a good planning system in place to meet each milestone on time and with maximum output.

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