Explore the best pointers to practice in your consulting business

Most potential clients are not hesitant to engage in a sales call, that, being the first connect between the two parties, is quite important and sets the tone for the future relationship.

Your prospects want to be listened to and understood. They have an end point or a goal in mind and they look towards you to show them the path to reach that goal. This clarity call should excite them enough to want to work with you.

You need to gather all the information you require, while ensuring that you listen attentively to your client.

These are the 3 factors that you need to keep in mind while making a sales call:

1. Talk about their business:

Open ended questions give them the flexibility and comfort to present before you the current situation. You should have them outline their journey from scratch. For instance, what achievements they have had so far and what challenges they have faced along their journey give a clearer perspective on their status quo. Probing questions are a must. Have an insight on their short term and long term goals. Do not forget to take notes.

2. What are some approaches they have already tried and what resources they haven’t explored yet?

What is holding them back from attaining their goals? Are there any perspectives that have not been examined yet? Your aim is to help them resolve their problem. Being solutions-oriented helps build confidence in your capabilities and creates a mindset that is ingrained in the organization’s culture and DNA.

3. What results are you looking for?

What outcome are they expecting from you? Once this has been established, this serves as a tangible point on which your performance will be evaluated and will give you exact direction to work on.

Remember they believe you might be able to solve their problem. You just need to get their trust through your abilities and confidence.

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