Using Zapier, connect 500+ apps to Zoho Books

The list of quick but time-consuming daily actions you need to complete to manage your business never seems to end—sending messages to consumers after creating an invoice, and receiving notifications when a new contact is added. Imagine a situation where your Zoho Books account takes care of all of these minute things for you. Simple integration between Zoho Books and all the apps that are crucial to your business operations eliminates the need for complex codes or manual keying. That seems really good, no?

We are pleased to tell you that Zoho Books has been integrated into the Zapier platform, a web-based tool that offers better, quicker connections to the apps you use every day. By making it possible to instantly connect with any software you use to run your company more efficiently and simply, the integration with Zapier has increased the reach of Zoho Books.

Within Zoho Books, you may automate operations carried out by any of the 500+ third-party apps that Zapier connects you with.

How It Operates:

The ‘trigger-action’ model underlies how Zapier operates. As an illustration, you might get an SMS with information about a bank withdrawal as soon as you make a withdrawal from an ATM. The automated SMS you receive in this case is the result of the withdrawal, which serves as the trigger.

In the context of Zoho Books, suppose you have a new contact in your Zoho Books account that you need to add as a subscriber to your MailChimp account. You must make a Zap to accomplish this. In this instance, “add/update subscriber” is the action connected to the trigger, which is the generation of new contacts. Currently, whenever you add a new contact to Zoho Books, that contact.

The possibilities are unlimited with Zapier. Take a look at a few of the Zaps you may access below.


Connect your sales platform to your accounting programme to have the sales you make recorded automatically. connects Shopify and Zoho Books so that each time you get an order in Shopify, an invoice is generated.


Through Zapier, connect your accounting and CRM applications. Contacts from your Insightly account can be added automatically to your Zoho Books account.


By integrating Twilio with Zoho Books, you can send SMS invitations, updates, and notifications to your customers.


Connect the billing platform Chargify to Zoho Books so that if a new subscription is added to Chargify, invoices are automatically generated in Zoho Books.

Unlock data from Zoho Books and connect it to other apps with Zapier to improve workflows and business procedures. Check out what our Zapier integration can accomplish for you by going to your Zoho Books account.


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