Today’s business practices are vastly different from those from just ten years ago. The way we sign and maintain documents has undergone one of the most important changes, and this change is entirely attributable to digital signatures. Digital signatures have increased along with remote work and the demand for online collaboration.

Even while there are many digital signature products available, only a select fraction of them fully satisfy crucial business needs. Both Zoho Sign and DocuSign attempt to meet these needs and win customers’ trust. However, Zoho Sign is quickly becoming the favoured option for many organisations because of its reasonable pricing, distinctive features, and functionality.  

We will examine ten ways that Zoho Sign may assist companies of all sizes to save time, improve efficiency, and boost production better than DocuSign, from its user-friendly design to its cost and greater security features.

  • Zoho Sign provides an unlimited-free plan and does not impose document limits on pricier plans.

    Zoho Sign offers truly transparent pricing. It offers a forever-free plan which allows you to send up to five documents per month, and the other Pricing Plans are designed to be budget-friendly and accessible for businesses of all sizes. They offer no hidden caps in documents stored or sent, granting you the utmost flexibility. On the other hand, DocuSign doesn’t offer a free plan, sets a cap on documents stored and sent, and its pricing tends to be more expensive when compared to Zoho Sign.

  • Timestamping based on blockchain

Zoho Sign-ups the ante when it comes to document security with blockchain-based timestamping. In a transaction block on the Bitcoin public blockchain, Zoho Sign stores the hash of the document you sign in the hash field. This generates a permanent record of the signing event and the existence of the document at that specific time. Zoho Sign creates explicit accountability for the signer and adds another level of assurance for document integrity by utilising blockchain technology.

  • Trials for auditing and tamper-proof signatures

By adding an extra level of protection and validity to signed papers, Zoho Sign differentiates itself from DocuSign. Every time a recipient signs a document, Zoho Sign automatically inserts a digital signing certificate. This certificate ensures the integrity of the document throughout the signing procedure and its lifetime and acts as a verifiable confirmation of the signer’s identity.

  • A user-friendly interface

It is straightforward, intuitive, and user-friendly to utilise Zoho Sign because of its interface. Documents may be swiftly created, sent, and signed without the need for technical expertise, making it easier and more accessible for everyone.

  • Enhanced data privacy and security

Zoho Sign is steadfast in its dedication to upholding the security and privacy of your data. All user information and documents, both at rest and in transit over the internet, are encrypted using Zoho Sign. There is no space for compromise when it comes to protecting your sensitive data because it rigorously complies with tight requirements like the GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. Zoho Sign prioritises data integrity and takes a comprehensive approach to achieving it. With multi-factor authentication, access reports, tamper-proof audit trails, and digital certificates, Zoho Sign enhances the integrity of your papers. Additionally, Zoho Sign enables you to quickly authenticate signers by using one-time passwords sent via email or SMS, requesting the attachment of supporting documentation to confirm their identity or even putting signers through a knowledge-based authentication process in real time.

  • Cooperation with local providers of trust services

In addition to eID in the EU, Swisscom trust services in Switzerland and the EU, eSign via Aadhaar and eMudhra eKYC in India, Sign with Singpass in Singapore, and advanced electronic signatures via TrustFactory in South Africa, Zoho Sign integrates with regional trust service providers to offer qualified electronic signatures. Additionally, Zoho Sign prioritises privacy and compliance when creating business contracts; as a result, the company is continuously growing the range of integrated trust services it provides through the app.

  • Better interfaces with major third-party apps like Zoho apps and others

With its seamless integration with over 15 popular Zoho apps, Zoho Sign stands out as one of the Zoho ecosystem’s most tightly integrated products. Additionally, it connects with well-known ecosystems and third-party programmes including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Zapier, HubSpot, Dropbox, and Box. By providing such wide integration options, Zoho Sign positions itself as an all-inclusive solution to organise your duties in one central area and streamline your document signing operations. As a result, you may easily manage contract mailing, document signing, and effective management of important papers from a single platform.

  • Individual integrations

You can combine Zoho Sign with a variety of programmes and services thanks to its strong REST APIs. Even better, you can create unique connections using Zoho Sign’s APIs, webhooks, and SDKs. This implies that you can customise Zoho Sign’s functionality to meet your unique requirements and easily include it in your current work processes. The REST APIs give you the freedom you need to integrate Zoho Sign with any application, including your billing programme and CRM system.

  • Support and training for customers

Users of Zoho Sign can expect the best customer care and support available. Customers can get help from our staff of support engineers seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Additionally, to assist its users in maximising its advantages, Zoho Sign provides a variety of training options, such as Training via Zoho Spark. These training materials are intended to give users instructions on using Zoho Sign, from fundamental basics to more complex functionality. 

  • Zia’s integration of generative AI with the OpenAI Platform

Utilising the capabilities of Zia, our AI-powered assistant, Zoho Sign connects with OpenAI. You may quickly and easily create succinct summaries of their key documents thanks to this integration. Utilising this tool will help you handle documents more quickly, especially when working with senior executives who don’t spend much time reading and processing documentation. Businesses looking to streamline their document management procedures now have a quick and effective solution thanks to the seamless integration of OpenAI and Zoho Sign.


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