Password protection is a simple technique for website owners to limit access to their site for all visitors. Assume you’re creating a private website that you don’t want the public to see. To hide pages and files on your website, activate password protection. This password can be given to anybody who has permission to view this content.

One of our most requested features, website password protection, is now available in Zoho Sites. By simply enabling passwords for sites and files, you may now restrict access to them.

Here are some other circumstances where password protection can be helpful:

Security: Make a specific website and share it with a small group. A website created solely for friends and family with secure pages where they can share images and have discussions is an example of this.

Exclusivity: Build a section of your website that is only accessible to paying subscribers. This may be useful for a company that offers multiple levels of access at different price points, such as an exclusive gym or spa.

Sensitive information: Secure content that isn’t appropriate for all viewers with a password. This will allow you to block pages that are inappropriate for children. You can also password-protect pages that aren’t able to be shared with everyone.

Communication between departments: Create a website for your class that includes educational materials and resources. To give content with restricted access, share the password with students.

Private auctions: If you’re an artist or photographer, you can share your work with clients by uploading it to your website. This is useful because you won’t have to upload your work to some random cloud storage service.

Although password protection isn’t required for every site you create, it is available if you feel the need to add an extra degree of security to your site. The nicest part about adding password protection to your Zoho Sites site is that it doesn’t require any plugins or complicated setup. Zoho Sites allows you to create gorgeous, secure websites.

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