About the client -They deliver a wide range of services in the Caribbean market, such as professional services and paperwork.

Problem statement –
1) Integrated Zoho Systems and Website:
it’s necessary to use the Zoho APIs to integrate the website with their systems. With the use of these APIs, your website can interact with the Zoho range of products, including Zoho Inventory, Books, CRM, and more.
Depending on the needs of the business, choose which Zoho services to incorporate into your website. For instance, you’ll need to set up the CRM API interface if you want to collect leads from your website and manage them in Zoho CRM.
Collaborate with a development team or web developer who knows how to integrate websites with outside services like Zoho. They may assist you in putting the coding into place required to connect your website and the Zoho systems.
Solution -:
Insightcrew analysed and came with the best possible solutions
Solution 1 -:
– Custom integration between woo commerce platform and Zoho inventory
– Bi-directional sync of information
– Order management and automation
– Invoice handing in Zoho finance

Solution2 –
– Developed a Zoho creator mobile application to create a marketplace for services
– Close integration between Zoho CRM, Creator and Inventory
– Allows for dynamically adding services and pricing
– Updated UI for a seamless experience
– Intelligent Analytics for sales managers

Result -:
Overall, it resulted in a notable twofold rise in productivity. Duplicate data was eliminated, and Zoho Inventory and the website were in sync with each other. Real-time, in-depth access to the sales metrics was made possible by the sales dashboards.


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