Setting up a custom API integration with Zoho CRM for a student university applications management company can streamline your processes and improve efficiency.

The requirement to set up an automated system to send student applications to universities via API and launch email campaigns, effectively managing the university application process for the client’s website streamlining the application process and improving communication with students and universities.

1. We configure a unique API connection for student university application management organisations using Zoho CRM, enabling seamless integration with existing systems and processes.
2. We integrate eligibility checks into a system based on the program of interest and degree required, leveraging Zoho CRM for seamless data management and processing. This integration streamlines the application management process and improves efficiency in matching students with universities based on their eligibility criteria.

3. Then they were sent to the University database based on custom REST API integration from Zoho
4. Email campaigns were auto-launched for these students using Zoho Campaigns to encourage the students to sign up for the program

Results -:
1. Improved efficiency by 60% by automating the lead routing process.
2. Increase in student enrolment as the automatic process prevented any leakages of leads
3. Real-time analytics into student engagement from email campaigns


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